On Software Engineering Training 1/?

On Training

I just completed the structured, guided training at my job; and, you know what that means, even more training! This time, the training is completely unstructured, and now I need to worry about project deadlines (yes, I already have a project and other work assigned to me).

We mostly work on Android/iOS App Development, but there is one problem here, my training did not cover app development at all. This isn't some blow-off training I had to do, but rather a complete semester containing exams, quizzes, projects, and was nearly completely self-guided. My training consisted learned, in insane amount of detail, multiple applications that my company creates, as well as a host of other tools and languages I will never use. This training took me 4 months to get throug, and as I just mentioned, the majority of it I will never use.

Now, I need to learn App Development all by myself, and am even unsure as to how to configure Android Studio.

Training should only consist of what knowledge the worker needs in order to complete the job, and should be entirely self-guided; the worker gets to set the pace for the training. Despite undergoing training, workers should not be isolated from work, but should be able to shadow other workers, take on small amounts of work, and gradually work their way up to a normal amount of work for the job.

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